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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: FOM implementation
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2003 03:27:47 GMT
on 6/21/03 10:55 AM Christopher Oliver wrote:

> OK. I didn't implement the following, so if you or anyone else would 
> like to, please go ahead:
> Cocoon.addEventListener()
> Cocoon.removeEventListener();
> Cocoon.getComponent()
> Can someone explain the purpose and behavior of these operations?

I finally had the time to look into the FOM today and I saw your
comments. Please allow me to explain my intentions with the above methods:

1) addEventListener/removeEventListener

the Servlet API introduces in version 2.3 an event model which is
basically connected to remouval of session values. The servlet API
version 2.4 (yet to be finalized) introduced a number of new events,
even if, to be honest, many of them are utterly useless and were
probably introduced for symmetry (something which I dislike, but anyway)

the two methods above describe a hook to connect event listeners
(implemented as flow functions) to the events that the flow could generate.

Now, the flow event model is yet to be defined, so those methods are
useless for now.

Given the state of the FOM, I would also be ready to comment them out
(for now) and go on with more important things until we have time to
define a basic event model for the flow (basically, what events are
generated and when).

2) getComponent() returns an avalon component which is not a sitemap

Basically, it has to ask to the cocoon component manager to return the
component identified with the given role and check if it doesn't
implement "SitemapModelComponent", in which case an exception should be

What do you think?


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