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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Finding Linotype
Date Sun, 15 Jun 2003 00:28:48 GMT
on 6/14/03 3:52 PM Michael Wechner wrote:

> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>>on 5/30/03 7:13 AM Upayavira wrote:
> <snip />
>>I'm back from my devastating, challenging yet superfun 2 week peruvian
>>hiking. 2000 email to go.
>>I'll try to commit linotype to the cocoon CVS this afternoon.
> Just being curious, will you make linotype an integral part of Cocoon, 
> or as a Cocoon block, or
> as a Cocoon subproject under "incubation"?

I was planning to go for a block. I currently don't have the
energy/time/will to incubate Linotype as a full blown project. For now,
it's better that resides in a visible place rather than on my disk.

> I think the latter would make 
> most sense, because
> it would keep Cocoon itself small and help Cocoon to be perceived as a 
> top-level project.

> Anyway, looking forward to the competition ;-)

No, Micheal, please, don't get me wrong. Linotype is a simple tool that
was build because I needed a weblog and I wanted to have one that I can
play with myself without having to know perl. Nothing more.

As a CMS is really basic, but it shows how much can be done with totally
scripting control of both sides of the fence.

If more and more people show interest in continuing its development, we
might think about moving it into its own incubation stage, but currently
I have no energy for this and providing it as a sample of use for
complex flow usage is definately a good thing for Cocoon.

Note that almost all stuff written on top of cocoon will do some sort of
content management, but linotype is not even close nor wants to be
competing with a full blown CMS.

At the same time, that code will show you what I meant with direct image
upload so maybe you can "steal" some of that code for Lenya (since I
don't have the time/interest to do that myself ATM).

At the end, don't see this as a move to bypass or overlap Lenya or other
similar efforts, it't not because I have no interests in doing so.

At the same time, I think it's better to start small and grow, this is
why I wrote linotype instead of removing stuff from lenya.

So, don't feel it as a competition but as a collaboration. You might
even learn something in the process ;-)


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