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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Caching in cocoon, especially CIncludeTransformer
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 11:03:21 GMT
Torsten Knodt wrote:
> Yes, I know. But it'S still to much coding for it in the 
> CIncludeTransformer. 
> Components which need the content of a source, should simply get 
> it, and not 
> think about caching. It's not their job. Caching is needed in to 
> many places. 
> All places which use sources, should have caching. 
No, not *all* places. Caching is an option not a *must*. There are
sources that can be delivered faster without caching and there
are sources where you simply don't know if they update (when your
cache becomes invalid).

> It should only 
> be done at 
> one place for each kind of data.
> So what I suggest is introducing SourceUtil.getInputStream for 
> InputStream's 
> of sources. Then modify toDOM and toSAX to cache their output, to 
> not have 
> them to parse them first out of the cached InputStream's. So we 
> would cache 
> InputStream's, DOM's and SAX streams. The only changes in the components 
> would be to use SourceUtil, where they currently use their own code.

I think a save way would be too add those methods to the SourceUtil, but
give them a different name (ala cachedToDOM etc), so an implementation
can decide if it wants to use caching or not.


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