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From "Morrison, John" <>
Subject RE: TidySerializer
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 13:33:34 GMT
Torsten Knodt wrote:
> On Tuesday 03 June 2003 09:38, Bruno Dumon wrote:
>> TK> We have a current problem, that cocoon is not useable in many
>> cases, TK> because it's nearly impossible to create valid (x)html.
>> And again I'm wondering why? Of the tree reasons given earlier:
>> AC> 1) As a fix for the "the namespace problem"
>> AC> 2) When human-readable HTML output is needed
>> AC> 3) To validate the output to a dtd
>> only number 1 really causes problems, the others are merely
>> conveniences. Those are important too, but don't make it "impossible
>> to create valid (x)html".
> The second is helpful to debug your output and the last is helpful to
> ensure you output valid code. Would be nice to ensure valid output,
> before sending out code which has the w3c compliance logo. I can do
> all this with a script called after cocoon (which I still have to do
> for non-html output). But TidySerializer is a cleaner solution.



*Please* put a blank line after the text you are quoting, before
your reply.  It makes it *so* much easier to read :)



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