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From "Geoff Howard" <>
Subject RE: Syncing rhino
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2003 00:34:39 GMT

> > I would say then that it would be nice to go to the Rhino
> community with
> > suggestions *and* some code. I have been looking at it more thouroughly
> > and as of now I think that the real problem is not really Rhino missing
> > continuations, but Rhino being coded not to be extensible: most classes
> > we need to extend are final, and members we need access to are private.
> > So far Cristopher and I went quite the "easy" way, changing
> accesses and
> > declarations just when needed, but it won't take a huge effort to
> > refactor the few classes we need in order (adding
> getter/setters and the
> > like) to make them really extensible.
> >
> > Once this is done, the continuation-specific code might happily live in
> > the Cocoon CVS as a Rhino extension if the Mozilla community is not
> > willing to accept it (and actually I don't really see a real reason for
> > them to include it ATM since Cocoon would be the only customer
> for that)
> > and we might control it with Gump guarding against back-incompatible
> > changes.
> >
> > This will take no more than a few hours of (boring) coding, and I'm
> > willing undertake the effort if it sounds reasonable to us all, and
> > produce a first working extensible JavaScript interpreter that might be
> > committed in Rhino. Meanwhile, we can start approaching the Rhino guys
> > and see what they think aboout it.
> >
> > How does it sound?
> I love the incremental approach. +1
> --
> Stefano.

Great all around.  If you lay out a general road map of what needs to be
I'd like to try to help - but won't see daylight enough to do so for about a
week.  If you're not done by then, count me in.

Chris, is this a plan with "teeth"?


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