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From "Guardiola, Derek (ELS-STL))" <>
Subject sitemap.xls - XSLTFactoryLoader flaw?
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2003 19:48:05 GMT

lines 454 of sitemap.xls

          // Prepare the pattern for "<xsl:value-of select="@pattern"/>"
          this.<xsl:value-of select="$matcher-name"/>_expr =
this.preparePattern("<xsl:value-of select="$matcher-type"/>", "<xsl:value-of
select="XSLTFactoryLoader:escapeBraces($factory-loader, @pattern)"/>");

The XSLTFactoryLoader:escapeBraces($factory-loader, @pattern) seems to be
causing the site mappings "pattern" to come out blank after the first
map:match tag.  In the generated file ( looks like this..

      /** Prepare patterns of PreparableMatchers. */
      public void prepareMatchers() throws Exception {
          // Prepare the pattern for "hello.html"
          this.matcher_N1006D_expr = this.preparePattern("wildcard",
          // Prepare the pattern for "hello2.html"
          this.matcher_N1007B_expr = this.preparePattern("wildcard", "");
{SHOULD BE hello2.html}
          // Prepare the pattern for "helloCustom.html"
          this.matcher_N10089_expr = this.preparePattern("wildcard", "");
{SHOULD BE helloCustom.html}
          // Prepare the pattern for "hellocustomgen.html"
          this.matcher_N10097_expr = this.preparePattern("wildcard", "");
{SHOULD BE hellocustomgen.html}

the xmap file...

		<map:match pattern="hello.html" type="wildcard">
			<map:generate src="test/hello.xml" />
		    <map:transform src="test/hello.xsl" />
		    <map:serialize type="html" />

		<map:match pattern="hello2.html" type="wildcard">
			<map:generate src="test/hello.xml" />
		    <map:transform src="test/hello.xsl" />
		    <map:serialize type="html" />

		<map:match pattern="helloCustom.html" type="wildcard">
			<map:generate type="myGenerator" />
			<map:transform src="test/hello.xsl" />
		    <map:serialize type="html" />
		<map:match pattern="hellocustomgen.html" type="wildcard">
			<map:generate type="myGenerator" />
			<map:transform src="test/hello.xsl" />
		    <map:serialize type="html" />


I removed the $factory-loader from the method call and it seems to be
working ok now.  Is this a bug in the system that might need to be

XSLTFactoryLoader:escapeBraces(@pattern) is the solution, but i don't want
to circumvent anything.

Derek Guardiola
Elsevier Science

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