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From "Unico Hommes" <>
Subject RE: Divorse Cocoon creation from CocoonServlet
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 14:48:41 GMT
Hi Upayavira,

Thanks for your reply.

> Unico,
> Have you looked at the CocoonBean. As I see it it is intended 
> to provide a simple interface for interacting with Cocoon. 

I've seen it and was intending to use it too! :)

> It 
> is largely used by the CLI to batch generate pages 
> statically, but has a method to generate a URI and pass the 
> result to an output stream of your choosing (not sure if it 
> works, but wouldn't be hard to fix if it doesn't).
> In theory, the CocoonServlet could use the CocoonBean. This 
> would be a reasonable enough thing, were it not for the fact 
> that the CocoonServlet has benefitted already from a lot of 
> tuning and TLC. 

That's why as a start we could allow CocoonServlet subclasses to overide
the way it gets to Cocoon. Right now I have my own CocoonServlet that
has about 90% of original CocoonServlet copied.

> At the moment, the CocoonBean isn't an Avalon 
> component (and I want to see it being possible to use it 
> outside an Avalon context), but should be possible to make it 
> into a component. Your maillet (for example) could then get a 
> CocoonBean from Avalon and use it to write to the maillet's 
> own output stream.
> Make sense?

Yes that was about what I had in mind. I'll prepare a patch as soon as I
have something and commit it to bugzilla.


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