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From "Arje Cahn" <>
Subject RE: TidySerializer
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 09:04:20 GMT
AC> > Bruno?
BD> You expect me to give my blessing or so? I don't really care that much
BD> about it all. Arguments 2 and 3 are reasonable, and certainly 
BD> have their uses.

You dropped the question (and I had my doubts too), so I tried to sum up the pro's and asked
for your opinion. Blessing should be left over to others ;-)

BD> What I wanted to avoid though is that problems with the normal HTML
BD> serializer (like the namespace or textarea problem) would be hidden by
BD> jtidy, and that users would be pointed to the tidyserializer as the
BD> solution for these problems. One should not forget the performance
BD> impact of the tidyserializer: it uses an additional thread and has to
BD> reparse the serialized output.

I agree completely. It should be clear that it might not be the solution to all problems.

TK> BTW: You could provide CHTML rendering for the cocoon sample.

Yes, that would be fun. I will. But I might need the TidySerializer for that.. ;)

Thanks for the TidySerializer.

Regards, Arje

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