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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject JXForm or JXTemplate ?
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 14:36:56 GMT
Hi All

I guess I am a bit confused by the samples .....

I am writing a flow app to edit Composite Beans, persisted by Hibernate 
(or are they better described as Bean Graphs ?).

Of the two Form Template languages I am considering using, I think I 
prefer '' to 

The former appears to me to be more adaptable. Any feedback here?

Of the two Flow programming styles I see examples of, I think I prefer 
to take advantage of the 'jxForm.js' library, than work without it, as 
this library appears to handle lots of stuff automatically like Bean 
population from the Request, Schematron validation etc. which I find 
useful considering my application. (Feedback welcome).

Can the 'jxForm.js library ' style programming be used with 
'' style Template Language, or does 
it only work with ''? I do not see any 
example of the former combination.

Thanks for any enlightenment.

regards Jeremy

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