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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Orixo launched
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 11:26:04 GMT
I had heard about this .....

I think it is a very interesting move ...... good luck to all 

regards Jeremy

On Monday, June 16, 2003, at 11:27 AM, Matthew Langham wrote:

> To the Cocoon Community
> The involvement of commercial entities in an open source project can 
> help
> tremendously with its success. If we look at the Linux OS, the Apache 
> web
> server or other important open source projects, we often can see a 
> mixed
> model where business and open source go side by side.
> In the past, the commercial side of Cocoon has been slightly "in the 
> dark".
> Some community members were known to be commercial entities, but in 
> general,
> their commercial side has been intentionally kept low profile. We 
> believe
> that this can be especially a disadvantage when it comes to enticing 
> new
> companies into the world of Cocoon - they might fear that there is no
> support nor additional tools which will help them to build sustainable
> operations based on our beloved Cocoon project.
> In addition, we are perceiving an increasing need for additional Cocoon
> services such as training or consulting.
> At the previous GetTogether, the undersigned started a loose 
> discussion on
> forming some sort of business alliance with the aim of being an 
> umbrella
> under which commercial entities could discuss business perspectives, 
> share
> resources or work together on new Cocoon related topics.
> The undersigned were able to join in open discussion (although being
> competitors) because we felt that the business model laid out in the
> Cluetrain manifesto was a "Good Thing" when it comes to defining 
> business in
> the Internet age. Also, as much as we care about our own businesses, 
> we have
> been working inside this wonderful Cocoon community for a long time 
> and care
> a great deal about its sustained development, both community- and
> technology-wise.
> These discussions resulted in a consortium of 6 European companies, 
> whose
> names are well familiar to the Cocoon community, joining forces to
> accelerate the corporate adoption of Cocoon by offering a shared 
> vision of
> support and services. The name of the consortium is Orixo and the 
> website is
> at
> We feel very strong about the fact that an open source-related business
> initiative should have a particular emphasis on giving back to the
> community. The undersigned are all active members of the Cocoon 
> project, and
> we hope that our joined efforts will continue to be beneficial for the
> entire Cocoon community. With regards to our involvement in the Cocoon
> project, business remains as usual.
> Signed
> Anyware Technologies
> Luminas
> Otego
> Outerthought
> Pro-netics
> S&N AG

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