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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: Syncing rhino
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 00:16:49 GMT
At 09:29 PM 6/24/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>Geoff Howard wrote:
>>>This is good news. I understand that it's very difficult, but I hope 
>>>that it might be easier than you think, and I hope I can somehow help 
>>>you in that. Anyway, given that you are the only one showing some 
>>>interest, I'm starting to think that I'm just being paranoid...
>>You are not being paranoid.  I have been uneasy about the forked rhino 
>>code but  have kept quiet because I'm such a junior member of this 
>>community, because I personally did not feel able (time or knowledge 
>>wise) to help fix the situation, and because I am so behind on really 
>>understanding flow and continuations.  But I think the longer we go on 
>>building on this sand the more trouble we will be in when the inevitable 
>>happens.  I for one am reading every word you two write.
>Thanks for supporting my position. :-) Just to make things clear, I want 
>to stress that I have the highest respect for what Christopher has brought 
>us so far: it's an impressive work, and it surely paved the way to a 
>brighter future in web applications. I also fully understand his lack of 
>resources/time to follow ATM the Rhino development

Oh, man I didn't mean to sound down on Chris, the flow, or the code.  I 
share your sentiment exactly.  Chris, I'm very sorry if I sounded critical.

Given all the issues Chris and others have mentioned I believe the path 
taken was the only way to get "here".  My concern is just that "here" may 
prove to be un-maintainable.  It isn't Chris's responsibility to integrate 
this back into rhino proper or to take it on as a permanent forked 
project.  If a fork is to happen, we need to commit to it as a 
community.  I just really hope that doesn't need to happen.

The only reason I said anything was I heard you wondering if anyone else 
thought this was important.  I do and I believe many users will feel very 
much as you speculate below.  The question isn't of quality or stability of 
code at all.


>However, I'm at a crossroads now: I have to decide wether limit myself to 
>keep an eye on the flow or place a bet and use it for my daily job. Having 
>such a core functionality rely heavily on an _unreleased_, _old_ and 
>_third party_ software (though quite stable) is refraining me from using 
>it more seriously. I might even say that, while not blocking the beta, 
>this might be considered a showstopper for a final release of the flow.

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