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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: [Flow] getComponent(id) implementation
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2003 17:27:32 GMT
At 12:27 PM 6/27/2003, Sylvain wrote:
>Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
>>Geoff Howard wrote:
>>>Do we want to force people to edit cocoon.xconf to call their own business
>>>components from the flow?  I thought Stefano proposed checking for
>>>SitemapModelComponent and disallowing it?  Would that prevent looking up
>>>a transformer, but allow looking up a legitimate component defined in
>>>I'm still wanting to enable people (me!) to reuse action _code_ (not the
>>>contract) with little re-coding of the original class file where not
>>>necessary.  If that can't be done in a clean way that doesn't invite abuse
>>>then so be it, but I think it's worth trying for.
>>I just listed the solution without saying if I prefer it or not; basically
>>I don't know which is the best, but I tend to agree with Sylvain that
>>we should not build up a unnecessary wall. Ok, we could sheck for
>>SitemapModelComponent but I'm not sure if this is required.
>SitemapModelComponent cannot help here, since those components (generators 
>and transformers, but not serializers) are managed by a ComponentSelector. 
>And this is this selector that will be looked up through getComponent().
>So the only way to forbid access to pipeline components (but again, does 
>it really make senses to use them in the flow ?) is to forbid access to 
>their selectors, through their respective roles (GeneratorSelector, 
>TransformerSelector, etc).

Aha - I dug into this the other night in looking into how you'd get a
sitemap component from the flow and had forgotten.  So how about denying
access to the selectors for everything except actions?  Are the components
from map:components available as normal through their roles if we do that?
I guess the same answer there would apply to the global "variables" declared
in the sitemap?

BTW, the point as I understand it in restricting access to those generators
et al is to protect against abuse of people trying to assemble pipelines
from the flow.


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