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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: src/targets xml fragments
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2003 13:52:37 GMT
Joerg, David and I are discussing alternatives to the current
build file entities for the sub-targets.  One that's on the
table now is to use ANTModule from
See below for the discussion that's happened so far.

As this would refactor the build (to a degree), I figure this
should be discussed.  What do "we" think?


At 12:41 PM 6/27/2003, Joerg wrote:
>Geoff Howard wrote:
>>To David's question:
>>I don't have an ant reference, but I don't think there's
>>a way to do that and still do the entity include.  That's
>>why the resource Joerg pointed to exists I'd guess.  You
>>can't have entities point to the children of the root node
>>by some magic I'm not aware of, can you??
>AFAIK not.
>>At 04:18 AM 6/27/2003, Joerg wrote:
>>>May I point to
>>Why, yes you may!
>>- Just curious - why is this not in ant itself?  Is that what
>>the "integration in ant" page is about?  If that's a goal,
>>perhaps we could help move it in that direction?
>There were discussions in the ant community about an importing mechanism 
>and there will be possibly on in Ant 1.6. AFAIK without any target name 
>prefixing, i.e. with the disadvantage of having unique names over all 
>imported files. It's based on or similar to the ProjectHelper 
>>- Does someone (Joerg?) have experience using this?
>We have been using it in our company since half a year for a really 
>complex build system.
>And I know the guy who wrote that very well, he works here too ;-)
>>- This seems like it would be pretty "invasive" in the sense that
>>every target would need to get touched if only to prefix the module
>>name to the beginning of the depends targets.
>You only need to touch these <antcall target=""/> or <target depends=""/>

>that refer to another file. The imported files (at the moment by entities) 
>must surrounded by an <module name="modulename"/> element.
>I can imagine an automatic migration by two stylesheets:
>1. Make all included files well-formed.
>2. Create a list of all <target name=""/> with their file/module name.
>3. Replace all antcalls/dependencies target names with their prefixed version.
>>Is that overly
>>invasive given that beta is right around the corner?
>I guess less than 5 hours?? I would volunteer for it if you want to use 
>that tool. If the beta is to near maybe after releasing the first beta?
>Additionally the ant task <antstructure/> 
>( is extended by 
>the added elements <import/> and <module/>.
>What do you think?

I think it's worth proposing!


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