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From Ricardo Rocha <>
Subject More on FOM
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 14:48:37 GMT
Hi friends,

The following items reflect the discussions Stefano and I have had 
around the FOM:

- The load(uri) global function should be supported. This is clearly 
needed for nested source file inclusion (which <map:script> does not 

- The cocoon.releaseComponent(component) method should be supported in 
conjunction with cocoon.getComponent(id). Further discussion is needed 
about whether the FOM implementation should automatically take care of 
releasing components.

- There should be unrestricted access to all components via 
cocoon.getComponent(id). Among other goodies, this will give indirect 
access to Actions and Modules without providing explicit FOM support for 
them. Access to request input modules, in particular, should account for 

- Access to continuation objects should be provided.
	var kont = sendPageAndWait(uri, data)
This is deemed necessary as certain continuation usage patterns may call 
for explicit, programmatic invalidation of continuations.
	- Properties
		- id
	- Methods
		- getParent()
		- getChildren()
		- invalidate()
	- Events
		- onExpiration()

What do you guys think?


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