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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Re: Syncing rhino
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2003 17:00:47 GMT
Christopher Oliver wrote:
>> OK... I spent some more time with the code and did some steps forward. 
>> Now, unfortunately, I'm stuck due to my ignorance: any further step 
>> would be just a wild bet from my part, and it would take me a lot of 
>> time to get acquainted with all the technologies involved (core 
>> javascript and hard-core continuation inners).
>> Let's see if we can strike a deal, while we try to find a better 
>> solution with the Rhino guys (something that ATM seems unlikely to me, 
>> given also that they are in RC phase):
> If we integrate the continuations code with the current rhino cvs, I'm 
> pretty sure Norris will commit it for us. But AFAIK that's not going to 
> be easy.

This is good news. I understand that it's very difficult, but I hope 
that it might be easier than you think, and I hope I can somehow help 
you in that. Anyway, given that you are the only one showing some 
interest, I'm starting to think that I'm just being paranoid...

>> 1. I made all the boring stuff: from the CVS version of Rhino I 
>> changed  and refactored all the Rhino core stuff I could spot. I have 
>> a patchset if you're interested in it;
> OK, send it to me.

Sent: fire at will.

>> 2. I'm willing to set up some kind of monitoring system that will 
>> update the Rhino CVS regularily and try to apply the required patches 
>> (think FreeBSD ports), possibly running some unit tests to spot 
>> regressions (I'll start right away bugging the Gump gurus :-));
> I don't think we want to do this.

If there is a choice, surely not. But if we manage to put the code back 
in sync *and* Mozilla refuses to make it part of its CVS, we will need a 
way to understand soon that something is breaking the precious 
continuation code.


Gianugo Rabellino
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