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From Michael Wechner <>
Subject Re: ResourceExistsAction
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2003 09:08:25 GMT
Gianugo Rabellino wrote:
> Michael Wechner wrote:
>> I have "patched" the ResourceExistsAction in the case of the resources 
>> sitemap pipeline (file-exists), such that
>> it only checks files and not directories. Therefore URLs such as 
>> .../oscom/authoring/ are working
>> again, but it seems to me that this is just a quick fix and we need to 
>> think of something better.
> Would you guys please consider avoiding code duplication between Lenya 
> and Cocoon? ResourceExistsAction is pure c&p from the Cocoon codebase, 
> with a change of package and a one liner added. This is a bit unethical, 
> technically poor and, most of all, misleading for users that will find 
> two ResourceExistsAction and won't know exactly which is which. At a 
> very least, please consider renaming it to something like FileExistsAction.

agreed. But what about enhancing the ResourceExistsAction, such that one 
can configure it only to check on files or directories or both?

Would Cocoon be interested in a patch like this?



> Ciao,

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