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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject FOM, views, and input modules
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2003 03:57:43 GMT
I modified the FOM implementation in the scratchpad to make the FOM 
available to the view layer, thinking that the view author also should 
see the FOM (See, rather than the raw 
Request, Response, etc. Do others agree with this?

I also modified the GarbageGenerator to use the FOM.

So because of the FOM you can't do this in a flow script anymore:


likewise in a Garbage view template you can no longer do this:

    <page whatever="{$request/sitemapURI}">

in both cases because the FOM doesn't expose the "sitemapURI" property 
of the Request.

However the input modules give full access to the original Java Request 
object, so in the sitemap you can still do this:

    <map:call function="whatever">
        <map:parameter name="whatever" value="{request:sitemapURI}"/>

and pass it as a parameter to your flowscript, bypassing the FOM (!)

This seems inconsistent to me. What do others think?



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