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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: [RFI] Garbage
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 05:19:28 GMT
Cool. When can I try it? I'll help you as long as you stop calling it 
garbage ;)

Pier Fumagalli wrote:

>[RFI] is a new subject tag I invented right now... It means "request for
>incubation"... And I'll let you imagine what I'm coming up with...
>I spent the last few weeks writing a clone of Velocity (yes, yet another
>Webmacro clone), and I was wondering if the Cocoon project wanted to
>"incubate" it...
>Nope, I don't think I am as dumb as a post, there are some quite peculiar
>differences between what I wrote and Velocity/WebMacro themselves...
>The most peculiar one is that I always _hated_ the fact that Velocity output
>need to be passed through a parser _every_time_ the content is generated
>(Velocity is stream-based, not SAX-based), so what my little template does
>is that it actually parses the original template generating a set of "SAX
>like" events (yeah, elements, CDATA, characters and comments are parsed and
>identified as such) so, once a "template" is parsed, it will be stored (and
>"replayed") as a sequence of SAX events.
>I didn't invent anything, I just took the Velocity syntax, and wrote a
>parser that follows the Cocoon contracts (SAX) and put them together, and
>added some spice and salt...
>It might not go anywhere, it might go somewhere, but if there's interest in
>this community to host my "Garbage" template engine, all I ask is to have a
>CVS repo and the opportunity to show you my little pet, and maybe even to
>work together on it (once I get namespaces working again! :-)
>For PMC records:
>- subproject name: "Garbage" (as it stands right now it's a piece of trash)
>- initial committer: me, and all the Cocoon committers
>- mailing list:
>- CVS notification list:
>So, what do you think? (Surely I need some help to put together the brat)
>    Pier

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