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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject A proposal for a best practice project
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 06:56:55 GMT

I have recently been discussing with Carsten the need for a use case
that illustrates many of the features in the new portal framework. With
this in mind I will soon be starting a project to develop just such a
use case. The purpose of this mail is twofold:

1) notify the community of this project
2) ask for input on its design in order to ensure that it will fulfil
its purpose as an illustrative use case for the portal framework (and
possibly some other parts of Cocoon, such as content management)

Project outline

We aim to build a Tourism portal. It has three major groups of users:

1) tourists planning their own visits to the region who want lots of
general tourist info together with commercial entries such as hotels,
restaurants, tours etc. These customers may book directly through the
portal or via one of the tour operators discussed below (group 2). The
information needs of these users change over time, see "why a portal?"

2) tour operators organizing package tours to the region will have the
same commercial data but will (typically) not have the "information"
coplets. This group need to be able to make bookings on flights, at
hotels etc.

3) facilities providers/tourist authorities in the region will need the
ability to edit content in the document database.

Why a portal?

We are proposing the use of a portal primarily because once a tourist
has booked their holidays their information needs change. Consequently,
the ability to change the configuration of the screens to show
information relevant to the current time is important. For example, in
the run up to the holiday they may be interested in general information
about the areas they are to visit, whilst on the day of travel they will
want to know flight delays and exchange rates, once on holiday they will
want weather forecasts, local news, events listings etc.

As you can see, requirements are very loose at present. We don't have
any *real* customers to satisfy and so we can really make up anything we
want that will create the "wow" factor. (Actually, for completeness, we
do have some real customers, they are my MSc ECommerce students, I want
them to see how something like this should be done. Hence my desire to
have input from the community, I want to get this right so the students
can get it right!)

Questions, Questions...

How can this use case be expanded/developed to make it an excellent
demonstrator of the portal framework and cocoon in general?

Can other parts of Cocoon be showcased within this project (e.g. Lenya
as the CMS for the tourist authorities, the new FOM, a Forms framework)? 
Of course I don't want this to get too big for me to handle alone, but 
if there are people working in these areas that would like to coordinate 

Is there anyone willing to help us get this right so that it is worthy
of inclusion in the Cocoon distribution as a best practice example?

Shall I keep the project discussions on this list, or should I start a
project elsewhere (e.g. SF/Krysalis/CocoonDev) and report back to this
list on significant events?



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