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From Neeme Praks <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and upgrading to Fortress
Date Sat, 14 Jun 2003 12:57:46 GMT

And, I would draw the following comparison: Fortress is to ECM what 
Merlin will be for Phoenix.
* ECM is embeddable, so is Fortress
* Phoenix is stand-alone server, so is Merlin
* and, you can use Fortress inside Merlin (for component management), 
but not the other way around
(of course it is probably possible to embed Merlin's component manager 
in Cocoon, but that doesn't make much sense without the rest of Merlin, 


Berin Loritsch wrote:

>> - What is Merlin in comparison to Fortress?  IIRC I have seen proposals
>> to move to this in the past. (I have the feeling I am stepping into
>> something on this one - I am truly ignorant).
> There are a couple things to consider:
> 1) Fortress is released, and it was designed to help people migrate
>    from ECM based solutions.
> 2) Fortress allows you to slowly migrate to solutions where you have
>    default components--which means you can bypass the ServiceSelector
>    step if you only use one DataSourceComponent.  Fortress will make
>    sure that components designed for both situations will continue
>    to work.
> 3) Merlin is not released yet--it is fully functional, and there is
>    alot to like about it, but it is not officially supported yet.
> 4) Merlin was not designed to help people migrate from ECM based
>    systems like Cocoon.  You can consider Fortress to be a stepping
>    stone towards a more compatible future.
> I am not dogging Merlin.  I am saying that jumping directly to
> Merlin from ECM is going to be a major culture shock--something
> that can be avoided.

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