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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: Cocoon performance using MemoryStore
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 01:01:17 GMT wrote:

>I changed the subject because with the old one
>( I didn't get any response
>Vadim any comments?

I still had your original email in the inbox...

> should lookup
>"Store.PERSISTENT_STORE" only if "use-persistent-cache" (m_persistent) is
>true, instead you allways need to configure a persistent store if you use

Sound like you are right.

>MRUMemoryStore internal uses a HashMap and a LinkedList. This
>implementation doesn't scale very well. My proposal is using
>org.apache.commons.collections.LRUMap instead which will improve

IIRC, LRUMap is not suitable for multithreaded environment.

>Some time ago Vadim has committed MRUMemoryStore into the deprecated block
>of cocoon (package This scales much
>better in multithreaded environments because the methods aren't
>synchronized anymore. Internal a "org.apache.cocoon.util.MRUBucketMap" is

Moreover, in addition to this, it uses twice less objects to do it's 
job: it combines HashMap together with List, thus it has only one 
internal MRUBucketMap.Entry object instead of two of them (HashMap.Entry 
and List.Entry) per entry.

>So my question is, why don't we use this implementation, to make Cocoon
>more scalable? ;-)

You can. Have you tried it yet?


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