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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Forms Forms Everywhere
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 15:41:57 GMT
On 6/06/2003 14:01 Mark Miller wrote:

> I used XMLforms for my last one and was reasonably happy. But what about 
> Woody? or Precept? or JXForms?
> Help Need advice. Are these new (Woody, JXForms) worth the extra 
> headache of alpha software?
> Do not want to start a war.

Just a quick note on Woody before heading off for the weekend:

Woody came into existence upon my persistent nagging of Bruno to come up 
with something less programmatic as XMLForms (take this as a neutral 
note and largely IMHO), also with regards to the messy Transformer code 
at that time. Woody does forms, and nothing more than that ATM. We hope 
it does a good job at that, and will be adding widgets when the need arises:

We are currently implementing Woody for a customer of ours, which has a 
huge EJB backend app to which we are going to talk through XML/HTTP, 
according more or less the same integration principles existing in 
xReporter (ReST style): back-end is a Phoenix-based query server and 
front-end is Cocoon. No sessions, no fancy presentation tier state 
management, all explicit bookmarkable URIs and all good stuff Roy 
Fielding noted down & Paul Prescod advocated.

The binding framework for that customer project will map between the 
Woody form instance model and XML, and it is noted in our contract that 
we can contribute any part of that framework back to Cocoon (as noted on 
our website, we give price reductions for customers willing to adopt 
this scheme). It will be upon our own judgement whether parts are 
sufficiently generic enough to do so.

Woody is largely orthogonal to the flow approach, and given sufficient 
time, energy, fun and funding, we might be contributing glue between 
both, and work on other binding frameworks (think: databases).

Woody is also our lunchtime sandwich caterer, but that's largely 
off-topic, I guess. The guy doesn't even know his shop name is used in 
org.apache... package names. ;-D

Hope this helps,

Steven Noels                  
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