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From "Upayavira">
Subject Re: [CLI] Breaking CocoonBean Interface
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 14:16:12 GMT

> >>>It is particularly the removal of the Destination interface that
> >>>breaks the interface. However, removing the setDestDir will
> >>>certainly make a cleaner interface. I'll do that.

> >I didn't remove it in the end, because it would have taken quite a
> >bit of plumbing to work around its non-presence (in order to at least
> >keep the CLI interface the same). 

> Hm... I found only one place to be changed in Line 481,
> need to pass destDir. Otherwise, there is no major changes in CLI.

It is only mentioned along with the <dest-dir> node in the cli.xconf. If 
I removed that option in the xconf file, setDestDir would go easily.

However, that would require the user to specify the destination for 
every uri in the xconf file. Is that okay, or should I provide another
way to provide a catch all destination, e.g:

<uris dest="build/dest">
  <uri src="xxxx"/>

> And one more thing..., line 166: error text does not
> make much sense in Bean context (what is "-d"? :), this text is
> appropriate in 

Yup. Should be an exception and Main reports it.

> And System.exit should be replaced with
> exception, I guess you already know this.


Thanks, Upayavira

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