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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: Unresolved bugs with patches
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 12:32:46 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:

>Steven Noels dijo:
>>If people need food for discussion, here's my utterly uninformed and
>>out-of-the-head opinion on these patches:
>>13070 [PATCH] Add a new tag <xsp-session:getxml> to XSP
>>-> ditto by Vadim & Christian -> no reply
>I think the ball is not in my side. :)
>Christian committed this patch, but Vadim had some concerns about. I think
>that is not fair that only people using session Transformer can have
>access to authentication-fw stored info. ;)
>The tag was intended to fill the gap by allowing access to
>authentication-fw for people using XSP. (As me! lol)
>I currently use it to show the username in some pages and reports. Get
>email address of the current user and soon. It is really useful.
>In 2.1CVS M3, I think the patch in bugzilla will not work because the
>changes to the authentication-fw made by Carsten last month.
>After the Carsten's changes, I changed the tag and currently is still
>working, but was not posted again. You will see there are 2 posted
>versions with no success.
>If someone is still interested in the tag.

I'm personally not, just giving an advice on where to put it...

> I can send again the patch.
>If the problem is because the tag must be in another logicsheet, I will be
>glad if someone can tell me what name I need to give to the newlogic sheet

authentication-fw should be Ok :)

>and where to store it. Of course there is also a java helper class. That
>also need a name and a place.

Logicsheet and helper class should go in appropriate block. IIUC, 
authentication-fw in this case. Package for logicsheet and 
org.apache.cocoon.webapps.authentication.xsp for helper class should be Ok.

>Another solution can be a new input module that will have access to the
>authentication-fw and using <xsp:input> everybody using XSP will have
>access to the authentication-fw stored info.

Such input module also should go into authentication-fw


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