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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Unresolved bugs with patches
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 09:33:18 GMT
On 3/06/2003 8:57 Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

> My point is, sending every three days an email to the list, saying
> "there are too many open patches/bugs" doesn't really help or motivate.

Exactly. When I read these mails, I always end up with this vision of 
people trying to 'corporatize' open source projects, in the genuine 
belief injecting such corporate project artefacts will help. Other than 
OSS projects 'owned' by a single company (which Cocoon luckily is not), 
I don't think this approach works out.

If people need food for discussion, here's my utterly uninformed and 
out-of-the-head opinion on these patches:


6879 [PATCH] Cache improvement using ESI invalidation protocol

-> one man show - and too specialized towards a certain specific goal

9728 [PATCH] CocoonServlet getClassPath() enhancements Tomcat4

-> what's the status of JSP compilation currently?

10208 [PATCH]/[RT] Aggregation and Error Conditions (file not foun

-> errorhandling has been under discussion lately - check whether this 
patch is still relevant

11533 [PATCH] Replacement for AvalonToCocoonSource

-> carsten asked for an updated patch - no reply

12173 [PATCH] SQLTransformer Query object prematurely closes conne

-> no opinion - someone should check

12993 [PATCH] New version of CastorTransformer (includes marshalli

-> in-depth comments by Vadim + enquiry for updated patch -> no reply

13070 [PATCH] Add a new tag <xsp-session:getxml> to XSP

-> ditto by Vadim & Christian -> no reply

13216 [PATCH] XMLFormTransformer violations tags don't match using

-> please refer to ;-)

14144 [Patch] add CompressionFilter declaration to web.xml

-> adding two lines of text and a link to the Wiki, or sending a doco 
patch might be more effective

14845 [PATCH] Patch to generate a key with new resources in XMLDBT

-> no opinion - someone should check

15005 [PATCH] Extension to sendmail.xsp: lists for sendmail:cc

-> comments by Christian -> no reply

15100 [patch]/[donation] Sample app xml form popup with sourcewrit

-> no opinion

15150 [PATCH]: HSSFSerializer Support for Gnumeric MergedRegions

-> POI/HSSF integraton was planned to move back to the POI Project... Andy?

15710 [PATCH]: JellyGenerator for Cocoon

-> it seems like nobody's interested

16537 [PATCH] fixed redirect under JRun 3.1

-> no opinion, someone should check

16718 [PATCH] Using only one connection in SQLTransformer

-> someone should check (Torsten (or Christian), maybe you guys could 
have a look at outstanding SQL/ESQL/DB-related patches?)

17063 [PATCH] XSP Request docs, demo out of sync with logicsheet

-> Andrew can tackle this on his own now

17771 [PATCH] new logging category never set when using log logics

-> needs further discussion apparently

18679 [PATCH] CLI Broken Links Improvements

-> Upa? Seems to be in progress IIUC.

19138 [Contrib]/[Patch] Made SQLTransformer paginatable.

-> someone should look into this one

19638 [PATCH] Same cell definitions blows document (problem with

-> POI/HSSF-related (this stuff really needs a shepherd!)

19641 [PATCH] HSSFSerializer Support for FreezePane

-> ditto

19702 [PATCH] <esql:call needs-query="true"> generate an invalid x

-> see comment on 16718

20033 [PATCH]LDAPTransformer patch

-> Stephan? Seems quite a big patch to me. Would that need a doco update 
as well?

20138 [PATCH] AntBuildGenerator

-> Bertrand? (I'm -0 on adding such hacks onto Cocoon, but anyhow)

20185 [PATCH] TidySerializer

-> ongoing discussion: I'm -0 as well due to implementation choices 
(don't expect others to come & clean up your work)

20188 [PATCH] Temporary fix for the xml:base and cocoon:// problem

-> in progress, so it seems... Bruno?

20271 [PATCH] General background task manager leveraging Avalon

-> no code attached (and also seems a bit of a hack to me)

20296 [PATCH] Modularized DirectoryGenerator's

-> needs further review

20297 [PATCH] Added RequestURI in addition to SitemapURI to BaseLi

-> no opinion: Christian?

20298 [PATCH] ExtendedXLinkPipe support for multiple XLinks per el

-> fine with me


So far for some quick appreciation of all outstanding patches. Some will 
need more work, and quite a good deal of those need further work from 
the original contributor. It's only by working on each individual item 
that things will make progress.

Steven Noels                  
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center
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