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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Unresolved bugs with patches
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 08:07:47 GMT
> I think this is plain simple - as long as noone of the committers has
> time for it and has fun in doing so, nothing will happen. This is
> open source development and this means, things are not done because
> someone "forces" you to do them. Work is done because someone has fun
> in doing so.

I don't want to force anybody. But what about a bug handling guideline? 
Is there something similar for the Apache community in general? And my 
comment was more about updating the bug stati correctly. Only patches 
should be handled in a specified time, because they should be really 
appreciated. If they are ignored in the patcher's point of view, he will 
get frustrated and won't get involved further in the project.

> I confess that our bug list could be shorter but there are successful
> (Apache) projects with much longer bug lists.
> It's correct that we should at least check the severity of a bug, but
> even this is in most cases a personal perception. E.g. if someone
> enters a bug with severity blocker, I look at the bug and say "No,
> it's only a minor bug" and change it, what do you think might happen
> then? I guess 70% then would say, "No, it's a blocker" and change 
> again. Hmm..

Independent of this discussion:
We have at the moment 4 blockers:

1. Vadim, 2002-09-21: "Blocking 2.1 release"
2. Berin, 2002-07-11 (bug reporter)
3. 2002-11-07, uncommented
4. caching issue, last comment written by you only 5 days ago, waiting 
for user actions

IMHO only the last one is acceptable.

> But the good news is: we decreased our bug list from approx 130 to
> approx 100 in three weeks! So, if everyone helps in continuing this
> work we could be bug free in two months :)

A very good start of cause - and you seem to work on bugs at the moment 
too ;-)


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