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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Unresolved bugs with patches
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 22:08:21 GMT
> I fail to see how ownership by a person would help in applying patches 
> more consistently. Having a 'sponsoring committer' might help to get 
> patches applied. Then again, I think you are looking at the symptom, not 
> the cause. <imho>The fact no sponsoring committers exist for certain 
> patches might tell more about the patch than the willingness of the 
> committers. I wouldn't like to see patches being committed just for 
> cleaning out that list, but because they solve a genuine problem or add 
> something original to the codebase. Above all, code needs a shepherding 
> community, and we have already seen what happens if some parts of the 
> (elaborate) Cocoon codebase are less well tended due to being 
> one-man-shows.</imho>
> </Steven>

But it's obvious we have a more or less bad bug handling. Most of the 
bugs are not even ASSIGNED, so nobody can really see if it's only a bug 
report of a user or a confirmed bug. Why don't we accept or reject a bug 
within a month at the latest.
And the patches? Why aren't they applied or rejected within ... hmmm ... 
let's say a half year at the latest? Of course it's not important that 
anybody owns the bug, but they should not be ignored. At the moment 40 
bugs are older than a half year (bug number 15.000 and lower).

Furthermore the informations on a bug like severity are not use as 
possible and as they should. We have 4 blocker and 5 critical bugs - 
shouldn't this prevent us from releasing new versions?


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