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From Jason Foster <>
Subject XQuery and Kawa
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 16:44:36 GMT
I was poking around the O'Reillynet web site and saw another article on 
XQuery.  A little more digging revealed a mailing list and some 
messages regarding using the use of the Qexo classes in a SAX context:

My programming skills are pathetic at best, but I'm figuring that armed 
with the sample code from that message somebody with talent could whip 
together an XQueryGenerator in short order.

The only thing that jumps to mind as a potential problem is the use of 
the document() function.  Hopefully the Qexo implementation would be 
able to hook into the Cocoon source resolution mechanism which would 
allow "cocoon:" URLs and all sorts of fun.

Qexo is licensed as GPL, but as I understand things with the new build 
architecture a few mocks ought to take care of things.

The real question is whether anybody out there with programming skill 
has the time and inclination to make this happen.

Jason Foster

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