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From Galia Angelova <>
Subject Re: XMLForm repeat tag power! ?
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 08:58:57 GMT
I've tryed using w3c DOM instead of userbean, the way it was done in the example. It works
I changed WizardAction. Instead ot getting the parameter UserBean, I get a parameter - xml
file. Inside the Action I make a w3c dom form that file and work with it.
You just have to play with the xpath in the xform. xp:repeat works good.
I suppose it'll be nessary to write a custom action for your needs. The WizardAction is for
example only. The good part is AbstractXMLFormAction.
Galia Angelova
Acsior Ltd. 
Sofia, Bulgaria
 >-------- Оригинално писмо --------
 >От:  "Jeroen Cranendonk" <>
 >Относно: XMLForm repeat tag power! ?
 >До: <>
 >Изпратено на: Петък, 2003, Юни 13 10:40:40 EEST
 >Greetings :)
 >A fellow worker of mine is trying to build a form upon xmlforms with a
 >rather complicated makeup,
 >he wants the form to represent a list of users, with each user having some
 >fields for user name,
 >adres and so :)
 >like this:
 >User 1
 >name: biggie
 >address: big house
 >User 2
 >name: little
 >address: lil house
 >The problem is that there can be 1 , or 1-hundred users :)
 >And he'd like to be able to edit each users info on the form, and also add
 >additional users, all on the same form :)
 >he uses the current xmlforms implementation of cvs, with a normal java bean
 >as model.
 >Now I've already been telling him It's hopeless and it aint gonna work, till
 >I suddenly remembered
 >there's the xf:repeat tag, which might or might not just do the trick :)
 >The problem is the darn thing is hardly documented, and the code isn't
 >really readable to me,
 >so I have some questions regarding this tag :)
 >Firstly, I've seen the samples in cvs that use the repeat tag, from what I
 >see you reference a field
 >in the model/bean that returns a List, does this have to be a List, or would
 >any Set or Collection do ?
 >what's the datatype that this thing expects ? :)
 >Secondly, and this is the important bit! Could this List also be a list of
 >beans, and if it is, can we inside
 >the repeat tag reference fields of these beans ?
 >And if we can, how would this look , can someone post an example of how the
 >repeat tag and it's contents would look in such a case ?
 >Basicly I think it should be able to do this, I believe it so much that if
 >it doesn't someone should get up and make it do it ;) Cause it'd be a cool
 >powerfull feature :)
 >ofcourse there'd still be the issue of adding new users, but we can handle
 >that by binding actions to some buttons that add to the list in the bean, no
 >problem there :)
 >Ok, many thanks in advance if anyone could help us with this!! :)
 >    Greetings,
 >        Jeroen Cranendonk.
 >(Ohyeah, if this is possible, where is it documented ? :) or isn't it? it
 >should be then really ^-^ )

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