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From Torsten Knodt <>
Subject Re: TidySerializer
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 23:09:37 GMT
On Tuesday 03 June 2003 23:48, Bruno Dumon wrote:
BD> TK> BD> If "the job" means that Xalan should validate the serialized xml
BD> TK> BD> against the DTD it references, then I think it's a pretty save bet 
BD> TK> BD> to say that will never ever happen.
BD> TK> I hope it removes not allowed and not needed namespaces.
BD> but that is quite a heavy process if only for aesthetic purposes.

Problem is, without proper cleanup, you output invalid XML for some DTD's. 
Namespace tricks with DTD's are used to often to ignore it. Think about 

BTW: Does someone have numbers how much performance validation at output 
takes, when implemented right (means, not reparse the output stream after 
generating, but validating during generation)?

BD> TK>  For deciding what namespaces are allowed, it has to do validation.
BD> true, but only if you are still living in the DTD-area.

When a DTD is given, I can't use XML Schema. And often there is only a DTD.

BD> And since in
BD> DTD's you shouldn't be using namespaces in the first place, maybe it is
BD> easier to simply make a transformer which drops all namespaces?

Shouldn't, but it's possible. Read the modularized SVG and XHTML DTD's? And as 
I want to be open to all XML output, I need a good way to support it.


Domain in provider transition, hope for smoothness. Planed date is 1.7.2003.

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