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From Torsten Knodt <>
Subject Re: TidySerializer
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 15:57:53 GMT
On Monday 02 June 2003 17:38, Bruno Dumon wrote:
BD> What I wanted to avoid though is that problems with the normal HTML
BD> serializer (like the namespace or textarea problem) would be hidden by
BD> jtidy, and that users would be pointed to the tidyserializer as the
BD> solution for these problems. One should not forget the performance
BD> impact of the tidyserializer: it uses an additional thread and has to
BD> reparse the serialized output.

When TidySerializer would be in cocoon, more people would try it. And perhaps 
there will be someone who cleans it up and adds SAX and DOM support. Also 
perhaps someone integrates it into xalan.
And for the namespace problem. Tidy hides it only for (X)HTML. It doesn't hide 
it for WML, where you have the same. Everywhere where you have a DTD for the 
output and using different namespaces during creation, you can have the 
We have a current problem, that cocoon is not useable in many cases, because 
it's nearly impossible to create valid (x)html. With TidySerializer we would 
have a temporary inofficial solution. There is also HTMLGenerator using jtidy 
and noone says, we wait for the web pages to have valid (X)HTML.

Domain in provider transition, hope for smoothness. Planed date is 1.7.2003.

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