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From "Andreas Kuckartz" <>
Subject Unresolved bugs with patches
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 18:46:07 GMT
Here is a list of the 31 unresolved bugs for which patches have been
created. Only one bug is "owned" by a person. The others are owned by the
developers list.


6879 [PATCH] Cache improvement using ESI invalidation protocol
9728 [PATCH] CocoonServlet getClassPath() enhancements Tomcat4
10208 [PATCH]/[RT] Aggregation and Error Conditions (file not foun
11533 [PATCH] Replacement for AvalonToCocoonSource
12173 [PATCH] SQLTransformer Query object prematurely closes conne
12993 [PATCH] New version of CastorTransformer (includes marshalli
13070 [PATCH] Add a new tag <xsp-session:getxml> to XSP
13216 [PATCH] XMLFormTransformer violations tags don't match using
14144 [Patch] add CompressionFilter declaration to web.xml
14845 [PATCH] Patch to generate a key with new resources in XMLDBT
15005 [PATCH] Extension to sendmail.xsp: lists for sendmail:cc
15100 [patch]/[donation] Sample app xml form popup with sourcewrit
15150 [PATCH]: HSSFSerializer Support for Gnumeric MergedRegions
15710 [PATCH]: JellyGenerator for Cocoon
16537 [PATCH] fixed redirect under JRun 3.1
16718 [PATCH] Using only one connection in SQLTransformer
17063 [PATCH] XSP Request docs, demo out of sync with logicsheet
17771 [PATCH] new logging category never set when using log logics
18679 [PATCH] CLI Broken Links Improvements
19138 [Contrib]/[Patch] Made SQLTransformer paginatable.
19638 [PATCH] Same cell definitions blows document (problem with
19641 [PATCH] HSSFSerializer Support for FreezePane
19702 [PATCH] <esql:call needs-query="true"> generate an invalid x
20033 [PATCH]LDAPTransformer patch
20138 [PATCH] AntBuildGenerator
20185 [PATCH] TidySerializer
20188 [PATCH] Temporary fix for the xml:base and cocoon:// problem
20271 [PATCH] General background task manager leveraging Avalon
20296 [PATCH] Modularized DirectoryGenerator's
20297 [PATCH] Added RequestURI in addition to SitemapURI to BaseLi
20298 [PATCH] ExtendedXLinkPipe support for multiple XLinks per el

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