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From "Jeroen Cranendonk" <>
Subject XMLForm repeat tag power! ?
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 07:40:40 GMT
Greetings :)

A fellow worker of mine is trying to build a form upon xmlforms with a
rather complicated makeup,
he wants the form to represent a list of users, with each user having some
fields for user name,
adres and so :)

like this:

User 1
name: biggie
address: big house

User 2
name: little
address: lil house

The problem is that there can be 1 , or 1-hundred users :)
And he'd like to be able to edit each users info on the form, and also add
additional users, all on the same form :)

he uses the current xmlforms implementation of cvs, with a normal java bean
as model.

Now I've already been telling him It's hopeless and it aint gonna work, till
I suddenly remembered
there's the xf:repeat tag, which might or might not just do the trick :)

The problem is the darn thing is hardly documented, and the code isn't
really readable to me,
so I have some questions regarding this tag :)

Firstly, I've seen the samples in cvs that use the repeat tag, from what I
see you reference a field
in the model/bean that returns a List, does this have to be a List, or would
any Set or Collection do ?
what's the datatype that this thing expects ? :)

Secondly, and this is the important bit! Could this List also be a list of
beans, and if it is, can we inside
the repeat tag reference fields of these beans ?
And if we can, how would this look , can someone post an example of how the
repeat tag and it's contents would look in such a case ?

Basicly I think it should be able to do this, I believe it so much that if
it doesn't someone should get up and make it do it ;) Cause it'd be a cool
powerfull feature :)

ofcourse there'd still be the issue of adding new users, but we can handle
that by binding actions to some buttons that add to the list in the bean, no
problem there :)

Ok, many thanks in advance if anyone could help us with this!! :)
        Jeroen Cranendonk.

(Ohyeah, if this is possible, where is it documented ? :) or isn't it? it
should be then really ^-^ )

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