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From "Conal Tuohy" <>
Subject RE: Link view goodness (Re: residuals of MIME type bug ?)
Date Sun, 29 Jun 2003 05:36:45 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:


> Also, it resolves another little dilemma I've had with link
> views.  It's
> all very well having the notion of a cross-cutting 'view',
> but there's no
> way to override the 'view' for a specific pipeline.  With an explicit
> gather-links transformer, one could have different link
> analysis for each
> pipeline.  A *.css pipeline could list @import's as links,
> for example.

That's an issue I've come up against too - it seems that views are still too
"tangled" up with labels and can't cut across pipelines properly. At least,
that's how I understand it - maybe I'm missing something?

For instance I couldn't see how to have 2 pipelines share a view (i.e. both
support a view) unless the 2 pipelines had a common stage somewhere.

I've always wondered why views weren't implemented using a Selector?

<map:select type="view">
	<map:when test="links">
		<map:transform src="convert-format-X-to-links.xsl"/>
		<map:serialize type="links"/>
	<map:when test="content">
		<map:transform src="convert-format-X-to-HTML-xsl"/>
		<map:serialize type="html"/>

In this way different pipelines could have quite different views, without
sharing a commonly-labelled component. I guess this is more verbose than the
current approach, where the view transformations are attached by name using
a label, but for some reason the label approach reminds me powerfully of



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