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From Andreas Hartmann <>
Subject Re: Problems updating on daedalus
Date Tue, 27 May 2003 13:21:41 GMT
Hi Steven,

I thought I just followed the steps on the Cocoon Wiki page.

Steven Noels wrote:
>> I tried to do so, but the files in CVS should be group writable.
> ditto for /x2/www/ !!!!
> how's your umask set? make sure it is g+w as well (0002 in my case)

OK, mine is 022, that explains the error.
Maybe that should be added to the documentation? Or is it really
unusual that someone doesn't check this before doing something?

> where did that tag came from? It's all over the place, and I cannot 
> remove it since your files are not group writable.

I'll do a chmod.

> Andreas, please talk to us and/or infrastructure before doing things, if 
> you're not sure about them.

Of course I would do that, but the problem is that I wasn't unsure
because I wasn't aware that such problems could arise. I'm sorry that
something went wrong.

> And don't feel shy since I learned most of my unix skills also over here,
 > and there's plenty of Windoze-only peeps over here.

I think my shyness is not the problem but rather Unix inexperience.
Maybe I should ask someone else to take over this task, but I'm afraid
I have to make some mistakes by myself ...

Thanks for your support!


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