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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: ASF Board Reports Due
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 18:34:31 GMT
on 5/19/03 8:05 AM Steven Noels wrote:

> On 19/05/2003 12:48 Greg Stein wrote:
>>Our board meeting is on Wednesday. I would hope that you can complete your
>>report by (say) Tuesday at noon, pacific time. That will give the board
>>members adequate time to review the report before the meeting.
> All,
> I'm planning to report on the following 'items' to the board (just 
> quickly jotted down, I guess you'll all know what this is all about):
>   - change of PMC chair
>   - split between technical leadership & pmc chair role
>   - 'new' PMC members (Bruno, Geoff, Ivelin, Andrew, Michael)

don't forget Pier ;-)

>   - recursive Cocoon charter: still TBD
>   - PMC vote on granting use of Cocoon brand to & 
>   - report about the (moderate) friction around XMLForm fork
>   - POI serializer stuff might be moving back to POI community

might? I see no -1 on that so far (and I think nobody is against this)

>   - XMLUtil/Source stuff will stay at Avalon for now
>   - choice for Milestone release scheme
>   - Lenya as an incubating project
>   - slowly starting to migrate to proper use of as 
> canonical URI

I would report to the board that we are solidifying around the

namespace scheme. It's a technical detail, but I dream of a centralized
apache namespace repository so that might, who knows,

>   - start of changing website to accomodate toplevel status (with 
> respect to Lenya)
> I'll write this up tomorrow afternoon (CET), so if anyone knows about 
> other major Cocoon events over the past few months the Apache board 
> should know about, please speak up.

Another major event has been the ability to do stable gump runs.


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