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From Stephan Michels <>
Subject [Q] JXTemplateTransformer
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 13:22:39 GMT

I read today an article about JSP2.0 and EL, and have been curious. So,
I took some time to look into the JXTemplateTransformer. Great stuff...

Now, I have also some questions about it.

Why are there two components Generater and Transformer. Shouldn't
it be easier to have only a Transformer. Following snippet should be
equivalent to the Generator:

<generate type="file" src="bla.jxpath"/>
<transform type="jx"/>

Moreover, you don't have a problem if you use HTML for example.

Second, I found the syntax #{} for 'j'xpath expression a bit
irritating. Since {} already been used in XSLT. On the other side,
${} been used for JSP and ANT scripts. So, the '$' should be
enough to separate JSTL and XPath expressions.

Third, I think only a conversion to String is supported. I would love
to see some extensions to serialize a object to XML, for example with
Castor. I know there exists the CastorTransformer, but I need
some times a Object via path. Or is this too difficult?

Thanks, Stephan.

         Stephan Michels               EMail:
         ICQ: 115535699                Tel: +49-030-314-21583

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