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From "Matthew Langham" <>
Subject [Announcement] Cocoon Portal - moving forward
Date Tue, 06 May 2003 18:40:45 GMT
As many of you know, the portal and authentication components in Cocoon were
originally developed by S&N as part of a commercial offering, based on
Cocoon. After being used in several projects, the components were donated to
the Cocoon project at the beginning of 2002. Since then the Cocoon portal
has gained wide interest and has been (is being) used in a variety of
different projects around the globe.

Since donating the components we have been evaluating the shortcomings of
the current solution and deciding how a "next" version of the portal should
look. In particular we felt that a Cocoon based portal is something that -
if done right - would certainly gain more attention for the project, perhaps
beat out some alternatives (including commercial ones) and basically, well,

One of the companies perhaps most familiar with the portal is BASF IT
Services who have been using the components in several internal projects and
who, last year, approached us about building a new and better version. So,
in a joint effort S&N and BASF IT Services started work on a new version
aimed at launching the portal concept in Cocoon to the next stage.

The first stage of this development is now complete and in particular we
focussed on providing a very dynamic rendering engine for portal-type
layouts. Now this is the first important statement to make: The new
rendering engine does not require you build an actual portal - so it can be
used in a variety of applications. Here are some of the key improvements:

- Flexible Layout (Tabs, Multi-Column Coplets etc.)
- Event Handling (Inter Coplet Communication)
- Highly Pluggable
- Increased Performance

The attached small screen shot shows what the new rendering engine will
allow you to do. The new portal is not yet complete and in fact it is
currently lacking many of the features of the old portal. But, to paraphrase
Stefano, it already has a community.

So, tomorrow (Wednesday) we will be donating the current implementation to
Cocoon and hope our seed will quickly grow.


Matthew, Carsten, Björn, Volker, Jürgen

S&N, BASF IT Services

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