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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: [RT] Access to the object model
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 07:33:14 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> (c) seems cleaner, as it builds on the standard Avalon lifecycle 
> interfaces, but the problem with the Context is that it's a kind of 
> "black hole" : we don't always know what's inside, and it may be 
> difficult to track usage of particular Context entries in the source 
> code (e.g. "what do I need to put in this component's context to test it 
> ?").
> (a) is the easiest but less clean way. Note that we already have it 
> using (aaargh, I shouldn't say that) 
> CocoonComponentManager.getCurrentEnvironment().getObjectModel().
Aaaarrrrrggggghhhh, no everyone knows about it :) Ok, so this discussion
is now useless as this little detail is now known to all ;)

> (b) adds yet another lifecycle interface (and the associated overhead in 
> lookup()), which differenciate Cocoon components from "regular" Avalon 
> components. But if those components need some parts of the object model, 
> then they are no more regular Avalon components.
> At the end, I don't know between (c) and (b). I would say (c), but with 
> a ContextHelper class offering what currently is in ObjectModelHelper.

> This also mean that the objectModel parameter to the setup() method is 
> going to be useless. As SourceResolver already is, I see more and more 
> the need of some cleanup of SitemapModelComponent. But let's keep this 
> for 2.2.
Yes, definitly.


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