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From "Mato Mira, Fernando" <>
Subject Customization
Date Wed, 28 May 2003 07:28:46 GMT

In our current site developed using a homegrown C++ framework,
we are able to provide "customized webs" or "products", ie, the site can be
customized on
a page by page basis for specific customers (the custom web is denoted by an
additional component in the URL, so if the basic product is 
http://mysite/, the custoimized web is accessed via
and the pages URLs change accordingly).

It is also used for internationalization.

There is a fallback mechanism whereby when the framework looks for some
page foo the following search will be performed (say the user has Spanish in
his preferences):

foo_hisproduct_en.html (English, the defauult)
foo_dsp_sp.html (dsp is the default product)

We are investigating using Cocoon for our next generation product. The
internationalization stuff,
OK we can handle with the I18n Transformer. But what about the
customization? I'd like to start a discussion
for ideas on how to extend Cocoon to be able to do this in order to come up
with a specification.

Fernando D. Mato Mira         
Thomson Dialog

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