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From "Geoff Howard" <>
Subject start of jms block
Date Wed, 28 May 2003 03:43:30 GMT
ok, I've attached the quick start of a jms block which still has a
good amount of unresolved issues.  Among them:
- needs jms.jar in its lib dir (this
would have to be mocks if it went in cvs as I understand the license
- needs entry in gump descriptor
- best way to handle MessageListener is still unresolved.  currently,
the SubscriberImpl implements MessageListener itself, but that limits
the whole component to one purpose.  Some compromise between a component
and a plain class might be best.
- MessageListener does nothing but print out the message
- Not all exceptions are really dealt with - some just print the stacktrace
as it stands now.
- Durable subscriptions are not used yet. (there are some provider specific
pitfalls there IIUC that I'm not very well-versed on)

Let me know if this is useful,


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