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From Arjé Cahn <>
Subject FW: [cms-list] Apache Lenya: new CMS project under the Apache umbrella
Date Fri, 30 May 2003 16:34:11 GMT
Finally a stable Lenya release!
My congratulations to the Lenya team.


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> Conversation: [cms-list] Apache Lenya: new CMS project under 
> the Apache
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> Subject: [cms-list] Apache Lenya: new CMS project under the Apache
> umbrella
> Apache Lenya 1.0rc1 Released
> Apache Lenya is the new CMS project under the Apache umbrella. The
> codebase (formerly known as Wyona CMS) was donated to the Apache
> Software Foundation in May 2003.
> The Apache Lenya development community is very proud to announce the
> long-awaited first stable release of Apache Lenya.
> Apache Lenya is a Java Open-Source Content Management System based on
> open standards such as XML and XSLT and the Apache Software Stack. Its
> XML-centric architecture allows for content delivery targeted to the
> capabilities of the devices of today and tomorrow, and avoids data
> lock-in as with proprietary solutions. Apache Lenya is built 
> around Off
> the Shelf components from the Apache Software Foundation, which are
> familiar to thousands of technologists, and are documented extensively
> in dozens of books.
> The Apache Software Stack is quickly becoming the preeminent platform
> for building Internet applications. By leveraging the Apache Software
> Stack, Apache Lenya offers a robust, future-proof solution 
> that reserves
> technology investments.
> Apache Lenya comes with the features you would expect of a modern
> Content Management System, such as Revision Control, Scheduling, a
> built-in Search Engine, seperate Staging Areas, and Workflow. Because
> Apache Lenya uses XML throughout, it can offer much more than 
> other CMS
> that marginally use XML.
> Some notable features include:
> * Browser-based WYSIWYG Editors that validate input against a W3C XML
> Schema. This prevents invalid markup as produced by other editors,
> and allows to enforce web site style guidelines.
> * A publication concept that allows reuse of the information
> architecture of a site and brings modularity to the content level.
> "As an IT Trade Magazine, we care about independence" says Wolfgang
> Boehler from Computerworld Switzerland, "it increases our credibility.
> That is why we chose Apache Lenya for our site, and why we intend to
> build on that first step."
> "Having been personally obsessed for years for the quest for the
> perfect Content Management Framework, I am very happy to see Lenya
> seeding this on top of Cocoon technology." says Stefano Mazzocchi,
> founder of the Apache Cocoon project, and adds: "The Apache Lenya
> effort has to be seen as a powerful software seed for the creation
> of a solid, healthy and diverse development community around the
> problems of Content Management, but following the Cocoon philosophy
> that we provide frameworks and toolkits and you build the stuff
> you need."
> This release of Apache Lenya is a refactored version of the codebase
> that has been in production at major sites such as Neue 
> Zuercher Zeitung
> ( and the University of Zurich ( for
> nearly three years. Wyona Ltd donated the Apache Lenya codebase
> (formerly known as Wyona CMS) to the Apache Software Foundation in
> May 2003.
> For more information about Apache Lenya, please go to:
> or contact
> Thank for your interest and thanks to all who made this possible.
> The Apache Lenya Worldwide Community
> --
> more signal, less noise.

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