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From John Merrells <>
Subject Re: dbxml
Date Fri, 30 May 2003 22:31:45 GMT

On Friday, May 30, 2003, at 03:19  PM, Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:

> Personally I'd very much like to see dbxml integrated with Cocoon in 
> some way - as Cocoon processes XML natively it would make a lot of 
> sense to be able to store it in an industrial-strength native XML 
> database, which I assume dbxml is or is going to be.

Industrial strength!

> Does dbxml implement an industry-standard API (assuming there is one), 
> or would a specific API be needed to interface with it?

There is a kind-of a standard API for XML databases, but it's not a 
very good one, and
doesn't have the backing of an established standards organisation. So 
the interface
code would have to be written to our dbxml API.

> The Cocoon xmldb block uses the org.xmldb API, but IIUC it is limited 
> to querying databases.

I don't know anything about this, so can't really comment.

> Note also that  the Cocoon team would need to look at dbxml's license 
> to see if it can be distributed with Cocoon. IIUC correctly from 
>, dbxml's license is viral unless one pays a license, and 
> AFAIK this is not compatible with licensing requirements for an Apache 
> project.

The license is open source... but prevents binary redistribution 
without a license
from Sleepycat. This is how we fund the development of the code.

Who's the final authority for licensing decisions for the Apache 


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