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From Peter Royal <>
Subject Re: Regarding Excalibur XMLUtil and Store
Date Wed, 14 May 2003 02:18:22 GMT
On Tuesday, May 13, 2003, at 08:46  PM, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> And phoenix deprecated the notion of blocks (and Peter Donald doesn't
> like them).

Only the Block marker interface. A Phoenix application is still made up 
of "blocks"

> Result: screw them. A container is a not rocket science and we need
> freedom of choice more than anything else at early design stage.
> if it makes sense to extend Fortress, I will. If not, I won't and I'll
> start from scratch.
> And if any of you disagree and you want to beat me at the 
> implementation
> of cocoon blocks, you are my guest: the more angles we attack the
> problem, the better.

rock on. if only i had the time...

> I changed my mind: let the components remain there and let's work on
> getting the release out of the door so that I can work on blocks and
> free cocoon (and all of us!) from the chains of the servlet container 
> :-)
> Deal?

whoop! deal :)

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