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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject invalid caching problem
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 18:04:21 GMT
Hi All

I mentioned this problem a while ago but got no feedback, so I am  
trying again ....

On a site I am working on, when I edit an XML file, accessed by the  
file generator, I do not see the changes in the output when reloaded.  
This started happening several months ago. The only way I have found of  
seeing the changes is to force cocoon to trash it's cache, it's a PIA ;)

What is weird is that simple samples distributed with Cocoon work fine!

Below are the relevant snippets from my sitemap, it is mounted by the  
main dist sitemap.

   <map:generators default="file"/>
   <map:transformers default="xalan">
   <map:transformer logger="sitemap.transformer.cinclude" name="include"
     pool-grow="2" pool-max="16" pool-min="2"
   <map:readers default="resource"/>
   <map:matchers default="wildcard"/>
   <map:selectors default="browser"/>
   <map:serializers default="html">
     <map:serializer logger="sitemap.serializer.html"  
         name="html-4.0" pool-grow="4" pool-max="32" pool-min="4"
       <doctype-public>-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01  

   <map:resource name="file">
     <map:transform src="{client:xslt}/prepare-include.xsl">
       <map:parameter name="components" value="{client:component}"/>
     <map:transform type="include"/>
     <map:call resource="html"/>

   <!-- snip - more resources -->

   <map:resource name="html">
     <map:transform src="{client:xslt}/process-components.xsl"  
       <map:parameter name="res" value="{../res}"/>
     <map:transform src="{client:xslt}/make-chapter-links.xsl"/>
     <map:transform src="{client:xslt}/doc2html.xsl">
       <map:parameter name="asset" value="{client:asset}"/>
       <map:parameter name="res" value="{../res}"/>
       <map:parameter name="prefix" value="{../prefix}"/>
       <map:parameter name="_display" value="{../display}"/>
     <map:serialize type="html-4.0"/>

<!-- snip - other pipelines -->

   <map:parameter name="expires" value="access plus 120 minutes"/>

   <!-- home page -->
   <map:match pattern="^(easy/)?index$" type="regexp">
     <map:generate src="{client:content}/index.xml"/>
     <map:call resource="file">
       <map:parameter name="res" value="index"/>
       <map:parameter name="display" value="{1}"/>

   <!-- snip other matchers -->


I have tried the desperate approach of cutting out, bit by bit  
everything extraneous to see if the problem ever goes away, with no  
luck so far.

Changing XSLT works as expected.
Changing one of the 'components' that gets CIncluded works as expected.
It is only the file that starts the pipeline that fails to invalidate  
the cache when edited.

Am I doing something incorrectly in the Sitemap, or is there some bug  
that arises out of my particular usage?

Any help with this, or guidance on finding (from debug logs) which  
component is acting incorrectly, would be gratefully received.

regards Jeremy

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