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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: [NEW] webapp config with xconf tool
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 11:29:38 GMT
At 12:53 AM 5/23/2003, David wrote:
> >    This would be ignored in non
> >    xerces parsers, but would only cause a UnknownHostException when
> >    the parser attempts to retrieve the DTD from a file being patched
> >    (from web.xml, for example).  If needed, other parser implementations
> >    (keep in mind this is only during build) may have similar mechanisms.
>So would any other parsers ever be used during the build?
>If not, then we can remove the xmlcatalog stuff from the
> ... less code, easier to maintain.
>Anyway, it seems that that code is not actually doing local
>DTD resolution.

It's a good bet that xerces is the only parser that would
ever get used during the build, but as soon as we make that
assumption Murphy's Law will kick in.  I'm not sure it matters
though since we can't redistribute that dtd and the whole point
of this was to add convenience to the build for the uninitiated

The reason I left the xmlcatalog code in was that I could
imagine it being useful hypothetically but wasn't quite sure.
The "magic" xerces parameter only applies to dtd resolving.
Of course, I'm having trouble thinking of concrete examples of
entities that would need to be resolved from the outside world
in the context of the patch tool (except the web.xml dtd).

So, if no one comes up with an argument in favor of xpatch using
xmlcatalog, I'll take that stuff out.

I think I also should turn entity expansion again, as I suppose that
could be useful and there is really no reason to turn it off AFAICS.


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