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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: xconf tool, entity resolver, and new build options
Date Thu, 22 May 2003 16:54:07 GMT
At 11:55 AM 5/22/2003, Marc wrote:
>dear friend and colleague Bruno was actually suggesting to have the parser 
>not taking the DTD into account at all


>to get there: not looking at the DTD could be done with
>builder.setFeature("", false)

I'll try this after work (unless someone beats me to it).  Perhaps xpatch
could take this as a configurable attribute, which would make David's work
on the Entity resolver still useful.

>being really pragmatic: just dropping the DOCTYPE line in the input docs 
>should achieve the same :-/

No, I think preserving the DOCTYPE is mandatory for web.xml

>and to make it worse, Bruno just points me to this: 
>(license compatible)

I'm assuming that was considered before xpatch was created and there
was some valid reason it wouldn't work for us.  Could anyone with
more info elaborate?  Still, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

>Although I think the xsl versus xpatch discusion between gianugo and 
>bertrand actually stressed the depreciation off on a 'new/complex (xsl) 
>syntax' versus an 'existing one in the cocoon realm'...
>so as long as the argument holds we should be brave enough to support our 
>own task?

Now that I understand it a little, it's quite simple and fits our needs.  If
it becomes the mechanism for custom configuration changes, and seeding cocoon
based webapps, a little documentation, a few examples and we're off to the 


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