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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: Time for an STX block?
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 18:33:34 GMT
At 02:20 PM 5/2/2003, Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>I recieved the email below today and forward it FYI.
>Is there any interest for a STX block for Cocoon? I have used STX in a few 
>application for formating large DB output, and it works very well. XSLT 
>processors normally have to buffer all of their input document, and that 
>can consume large amount of memory for large documents. STX doesn't buffer 
>anything at all if you don't ask for it excplicitely.
>I have an extremely minimal STX block on my HD, it consists of the stx.jar 
>and a sitemap snippet (yes, STX implements TRaX and runs directly out of 
>the box in Cocoon). If there is any interest, I could add some samples and 
>send in a patch. Joost is relesed under 
>Mozilla Public License 1.1 which AFAIK should be compatible with ASL.
>/Daniel Fagerstrom

IANAL, nor am I even really knowledgeable about these OS license issues, 
but at first glance, the MPL seems to be more GPL in a way that would make 
it incompatible with APL (see, I told you TLA's are fun!).  Except perhaps 
this clause:
3.7. Larger Works. You may create a Larger Work by combining Covered Code 
with other code not governed by the terms of this License and distribute 
the Larger Work as a single product. In such a case, You must make sure the 
requirements of this License are fulfilled for the Covered Code.
Could provide some room for us?

I read (skimmed) the MPL here:


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