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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] FOM
Date Tue, 27 May 2003 17:24:59 GMT
on 5/27/03 1:44 AM Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Pier and I already stated a while back that our current implementation
> of the FOM is weak and its design poor.

In the past, it was exactly such comments that made Ovidiu abandon this

Let me state things clearly so that we can clear the sky even on this:

Ovidiu, please excuse me for copying you on this, but I would like to
let you and everybody else know this:

 1) I've always been impressed and very supportive of the work done by
Ovidiu, Chris and all the people that made flowscript in Cocoon possible.

 2) I think that Ovidiu, by himself, did an *outstanding* job in finding
out a way to connect the flowscript layer with the sitemap in a way that
kept SoC. The notion of the sendPage*() methods appears very simple and
obvious, but only because it's perfect for the job.

 3) I stated that the Flowscript was not done in cooperation of the
community oversight and that I wanted this to end. This was harsh and
stupid. I sincerely regret having said that. It goes along with my
apologies to Carsten and my resigning from Cocoon chair to pay off my

now, what I disliked about the FOM was that it seemed to me that it was
designed to allow maximum access to the cocoon environment, without
taking into consideration potential abuse. The FOM I outlined in my
previous message goes into that direction: "less is more" and add things
incrementally would the need emerge.

Since we will need to support the FOM for years to come after we release
2.1, I wanted to avoid at all costs the problem of having to deprecate
stuff from the object model.

At the end, I would like to apologize with Ovidiu and Chris for my
harsh, arrogant and silly behavior on this matter, which somewhat
resonated even on my last message.

As much as I did with Carsten, I would like to clear the sky and make
sure that my presence doesn't remove the fun for anybody or doesn't
prevent brilliant and important members of this community from lurking
or coming back to work with us, would the itch/time/will/energy emerge
again in the future.


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