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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Clearing the sky
Date Mon, 26 May 2003 14:54:54 GMT
NOTE: this letter is written four hands between Carsten and Stefano. The
*I* in the email refers to Stefano, but the feeling expressed are shared
by both, equally.

                                - o -

Over the last two/three months, the cocoon development community has
seen an incredible acceleration in both development, adoption and
usage. This has coincided with my injection of new direct energy into
the system, something that didn't happen over the last 18 months for
several very personal reasons.

At the same time (and please note this is entirely my fault), I didn't
understand that such an acceleration could well damage the
infrastructure of the community, and doing so *together* with the
top-level project transition and the planned release, well, it was too much.

The biggest friction emerged with Carsten.

In a personal inquiry on why
I was so proactive without considering the community, I replied that "I
want you people to get off your comfortable chairs and do something for

It was harsh. overly harsh. I was irritated because of the status of
the cocoon tree and the build system which was *very* poor and
frustrating. I believe at that time I felt Carsten, as the release
coordinator, personally responsible for such a mess.

It was only later that I started to feel very bad about it: Carsten has
been a *tremendous* help for this project. That comment was unfair,
unpolite, harsh, stupid and pretencious.

Waves of negativiy emerged from that and ended up in blogs and are
still percieved by many as present.

Now, this email, written by me but edited by Carsten before sending it
to the list, wants to point out something that happened:

  1) I admitted on the PMC list that my resignment from the PMC chair
was also to be considered as a way "pay off my faults" for bad
community management. I felt like I didn't deserve that role anymore
and I wanted to go back having fun for me and for everybody.

  2) Then I wrote an email personally to Carsten apologizing for my

  3) Carsten wrote a *same* email apologizing for his "over-reaction
and stupid behaviour enforcing the friction even more" (Carten's own
words). This email was written at the very same time, in fact the two
emails crossed in the air.

We both had a very warm and nice feeling out of this.

So much so that after the recent technical confrontation on the list,
when people asked Carsten about his status with me, he wrote to me
asking if we should made such a public statement.

I think it's very important that the community doesn't have private
issues unsolved. In this case, Carsten and I solved our issues
privately, but people didn't know it nor couldn't interpret it from the
list. This is why we are writing this email to you, basically to clear
up definitely the sky and to stop bad feelings from being privately

We personally learned many things from this and our relationship
grew a lot. Definitely, the fun is back for us!

Now, hopefully, the fun will be back for everyone and next time we
fight over a technical detail, nobody will wonder if we are doing this
because of unresolved irrational things or simply out of technical
concepts (as it should always be the case for disagreement).

Take care.

Stefano & Carsten.

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